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Welcome to  your IE Internet hosting account. Your domain is currently active.

FTP Instructions
With the information provided in your New Server Information e-mail, please refer to our FTP resource section

NOTE: If you would like to retain a copy of this holding page, simply FTP into the server using the details supplied in your New Server Information e-mail and rename the file from index.htm to holding.htm before you upload your own index page.

E-mail Instructions
For instructions on configuring emails please refer to Additional email accounts can be configured through your control panel (see below).

Control Panel
A control panel has being configured for this site. You may access your control panel at . This is a browser-based interface that allows you to control and monitor many of the features of your website and email configuration

Your server has been configured to support Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs. The server has been set up to run Perl 5.6 scripts. Instructions on how to use cgi scripts may be found on our support website All IE Internet sites have form mail pre-installed. If you would like to add a feedback form to your site please refer to our online userguide

Technical Support
If you have any technical support issues and can't find the answer to your problem on our web site, please fill out a customer support request at Our technical support is web-based for efficiency. When you have entered a customer support request you will be assigned a support ticket number. When your problem has been solved an engineer will get back to you by phone or email. If you need to follow up on a support request please quote the support ticket number.

New Orders
Additional Domains/Hosting Accounts can be ordered at